Thursday, April 7, 2011

tardy much

ok ok so its been like forever since i last posted, thank goodness this is not how i survive...
so, like, i have been up to lots of things! i know that maybe this isn't the best time to showcase my adventures, but i know my friends in japan might want something stupid to read. this is for you guys!

can i get a FIST PUMP???? today the studio did the charity jazz and ceramic fund raising. there was a mega good turnout and thanks to everyone and my email persuasion (my voodoo doll guilt trip worked!) we have raised a whooping $1167!!!! thats not including ticket sales you know~ all proceeds will go to the japan society. i am on like a super high right now! i will do whatever it takes to help with rebuilding japan
me and evil yuka, in matching jackets

i heart nippon<3 and i want to karaoke with this guy!

and hang out with ryoma and his boys

so i guess i will try to update a little more, i have my super awesome california snowboard adventures i must must must tell you about. but for today i think i will reflect on how lucky i really have it.