Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year I've decided to spend my nice week off from the studio in rainy San Francisco! It was a semi sort of last minute thing. So to celebrate Christmas I made Jesse some Christmas lasagna! He was trying to get me to eat some ghetto ass take out food, but I am not down with that! Ohhhh and i bought a 5lbs bag of cuties for $5! Winning!!
So I hear I'm missing a hail storm right now. But I'll go ahead and enjoy some cookies and oranges and lasagna. Happy holidays y'all! Don't get to fat and then not be able to climb anything like how I am right now!
Omg omg! I forgot to mention that we are babysitting Atticus!!!! Worlds fluffiest cat!!! Squeeeeeeee! I can die happy now!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy holidays!

So today we had our end of the year studio party! Everyone made their holiday best! There was roast chicken, smoked chicken, smoked fish, grilled fish, veggies, rice, pasta, pie, cake and cupcakes!!! Ohhhh and Ishida mama made some crazy grilled octopus!!!! Massaged for 45 minutes, marinated in sake and Koji. Drool!!! Bomb!!!
Omg I am so full right now...
Ohhhh and of course alcohol to last me for the last day of the world. Gotta party hard and regret it all tomorrow!
Happy holidays everyone~~! Chu

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The best week ever!!!

So yesterday was my actual birthday, but in awesome risasama fashion, we celebrated alllllll weeeek loooong!!
There was alcohol presents, the world greatest flask present, my new chalk bag for rock crushing, gift cards galore and my most favorite CAKE!!!!!!
Omg omg! This was the best week ever! I have cake in my fridge, there's cake at the studio and I'm up at my friends aunts place with a dessert spread out right now!
I think I can die happy now. If the apocalypse comes tomorrow, I can die happy!

Thanks for all the birthday love, guys! I feel like the most special person on the entire planet. I am truly lucky for everything I have! <3 xoxo