Thursday, April 17, 2014

More food!

All day, everyday. Eat eat eat!!!! I'm getting slow all around with this blogging thing, to much to do and so little time 

Here are some fun foods from my traveling days

Some more of Shinos mamas home cooking. So good
We had a belated birthday party for takeda dad. I think he was happy

Back home at the market, I got my own tomato brand! Whoot!
Some baller ketchup! $8 a jar!

Some food samplings. Tofu burger, chicken stew, okra with bonito, vinegar pickled spring veggies and a bucket of rice with miso soup

Local sea food goodies. Salt boiled snails

Nyc clans sayonara party feast

Kochi red cow? 高知赤牛
That's what it translates to. Curry rice and tofu pumpkin and steamed watercress. Mmmm
$5 mangos! So crazy
Poppin' champagne! Grilled yellowtail, bamboo shoots with miso Yuzu sesame paste. Fiddlehead with eggs, sautéed spring veggies, and some itadori

So I kindda realized I have no dessert pics. I guess I get too excited and I forget. Well my one pack will prove all that I have consumed 

Almost time to go home :( I'll post a super blog of culture time next  

Friday, April 11, 2014

More island hopping

So more island hopping time! Of to Fukuoka, land of the hakata ramen. I got on this super small propeller plane which I was super uber nervous about getting on, but since I had my posse, I felt like nothing can go wrong
Me and my homies ballin out with a mini plane

Fukuoka in all it's glory! The plane looks super battered

We all made it! Now let's get our grub on!

Shinos mom made my favorite crab cream croquette!! 

Check out Shino mama home cooking

This is the man cover in shinos home town, these are super fun to find 

Next day we took a day trip down to Kumamoto 
Shinkansen time!
We checked out the Kumamoto castle. This is a replica they made about 40 years ago so it wasn't as glorious as most castles are. 
V0 slabby wall! Why can't I climb this?? I have ninja blood running through my veins!
Look at these tourists!
This was one of the cool rooms they replicated. It was bright gold and awesome!
Check out the ceiling!
Hi jee! Nice hat!
Our gracious host! Mr maeda
Checked out his studio. Nice colors!

Off to the bar. Check out this bottle keeps
Let's eat!
Ok no one get mad again, this is basashi aka horse sashimi

Ok time to go home. My jeans used to be baggy... What happened?!

Owl time!!

So one of the things that Shino and I sort of planned was to go to the Fukuro cafe. Have a coffee play with some owls, you know like any other day. 

Let's start with some hakata ramen! ¥400 for a bowl of ramen! Sweeeet 

All full. Off to the cafe! 

So... I like super lost it when I stepped through the door! There were owls errywhere!!! But before you can go hug the crap out of them you have to go to orientation which tells you not to hug the crap out of them. Boo! 


So overall the experience was fun but I think these guys belong out in the wild  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ok so I haven't posted all the awesome food stuffs I've been stuffing my face in so here we go!

Yum, bread!!
Now you have to chop it up into lady geisha pieces so it's easy to eat 
Some tako yaki 
And tenmusu. Little deep fried shrimp goodness cocooned in a bed all it's own. Awwww
Some Imo mochi ohagi. And some kusa mochi. Fat sweat 
Japanese dinner! Fried ahi fish with onions and cucumbers, chit ashi rice with mountain veggies. Itadome with tofu and grilled hokke fish sticks. Mmmmm
Forgot the bamboo shoots!
Setoka orange on the left funny looking orange on the right. Funny looking wins the taste test
The ugly one tastes better!

Saba sushi, salad straight from the garden, pickles and some seaweed/crab with homemade Yuzu miso

It's bamboo season! What what!

At my grandmama house some more deliciousness!

Yo! Check out this foam! That's some skills right there! More katsuo tataki 
That's how it's done folks. Char!!! Burn baby! 
No one get mad at me. But this is what whale looks like. So it tastes like... Nothing. Seriously it has no taste. I'm in whale land so I had to eat it(my cousin made me do it!!)
Ok. So this is the most most delicious tomato on the planet! Behold the beauty and wonderful shape of this fine looking tomato. Yeah my hands are jacked up from climbing, but just look at that beautiful tomato!!!
This is that awesome chestnut shochu I have been raving about. Why can't we get this in the states??!!

Mi chan and I are having a blast

Isn't she so pretty!!!!!!

Ok I'm off to Fukuoka to eat some hakata ramen and some basashi. If you don't know what it is then go google it 

Chu chu