Tuesday, November 2, 2010

mountain girl

so these are my final days in japan. ive been coast to coast. northern asia, southern asia. and now my 2010 vacation is almost over. i went on multiple adventures, and i couldnt have done it without everyone! thank you<3

i never finished posting my adventures in the mountains, did i?

so ive been learning the master techniques of weaving. my japanese mom is a super master, and i think she taught me well!

so back home i have a basic loom that i use, so when i come back i always use a 6 pedal loom.

this time i was lucky enough to make my 2010-2014 scarf!

weaving is no joke! i think anyone that does this has the patience of a zen master. i know this time i was kindda whatever about making my scarf... i guess i still have lots to learn.

so the pattern i choose is a black and grey diamond pattern scarf. my japanese mom has the same one that i have been eyeing for the past 5 years.

so told me to make my own, and a few years ago i attempted, but it wasnt the same.

this is my second chance...

i didnt do a super good job on the spacing. i think my weaving master gave me a B-

i still have lots to learn!

but isnt my scarf fabulous???!! i heart it

6 more months

my japanese mom makes her own kimonos, which i think is the ultimate dopeness!

imagine thousands of silk strands, and one year later, you have a roll of fabric, just enough to make your own kimono!

the cool thing about kimonos... there is very little cutting of fabric, so you can always change the size, japanese people are so clever!

she said if i ever get married, she will make me a kimono. thats mad love <3

kusagi no mi

i also have been learning dying techniques! you cant make a kimono from pre dyed silk! you have to start from the very beginning!

ever wonder what indigo blue comes from?

one by one

so you have to pick off the berries one by one. well idk if you call them berries... they are more like seeds.

soak silk in cold water

while the fabric soaks you boil, till the color comes out.

its a kind of easy process, pick, boil, let it sit, finish! but this takes a lot more time than you think.


battle royal

and then you put the fabric in the colored water. i have no patience for stuff like that so i decided to play tug of war with my mantis friend.'

just taking a break
and play with my dragonfly friends. see how hes my hommie! i put my hand out and he decided to take a break

i have so many new pets!

after about an hour or two of letting it soak you take it out of the water and your done!

of course theres snack time in between!

this is a light blue green hue cus boiling a vat of seeds takes forever and you dont boil just once, its like over and over.

im not the only one with no patience. but of course everything came out ossimo!

not to be confused

this kindda reminds me of those shower rags...

maybe next time when im "older" ill have the patience to make this a super dark blue.

i guess this winter i will also be using a shower rag as my scarf.

adventure silk scarf dying, complete!

writing haikus

i also learned some zen shodo.... again B-

why do i get yelled at everywhere i go! :(

death ink

this is my arch enemy. shodo sensei will mark up your stuff when you do a bad job.

it doesnt help i didnt really learn the writing stroke when i was little, i guess thats why my stuff was all black and orange.

i kind of liked it like that.

there arent many things i find pretty, but this is wonderful! this is my cosmos field for you before i go to bed. oyasumi everyone. the mountain is a wonderful place!


  1. Flower & sky picture, so pretty ne.

    Shizen ga ikiteru~~~ttekanji!!

    I want to jump in!

  2. One of many things nyc is missing, a field of wild flowers. I smell a desktop wallpaper.