Saturday, November 6, 2010


now i am finally home. its a weird feeling to be back, its like i almost never left and the past three weeks have been a dream or a blur. im feeling emotionally unsuited for the city right now, i hope that will change soon.

i just wanted to finish up my last few days adventure, i know i should have been the expert blogger and done this in a timely manor, but yeah... i miss my family back east.

so the last two days was saying thank you to everyone and inviting them to come visit me!

this is shiro-san, he came to new york in the summer for like 3 days. it was a hectic 3 days but we had an awesome time.

last time they came to visit me in new york was when i was five and shiro-san had a full head of dark hair lol

eyes forward

this is his super ossimo wife kyoko-san. i like her fashion sense, its like mid-west country meets conservative japanese.

this was like the fourth picture we took together since kyoko-san has a strange blink right when the camera takes the pic.

this is me encouraging her to keep her eyes open. see how well it worked!

i miss you guys lots!!!!


i also had to say good bye to my kawaii boys! i like terrorizing them so very much!!! i cant wait till the next time i go back, every time they get bigger and bigger. lets see how many more years i can keep this up.

look at mini on the right thinking were picking on big bro only ha ha ha!

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