Sunday, November 11, 2012

Animal planet part ichi

So no trip is awesome without a little kawaii animals! So here we go! This little Boston terrier, she is the climbing gym mascot. Her name is oto(sound) she's always running around the gym looking for sweets so everytime you put your hand in a chalk bag, she's like food?!? You haz food??? And then if she really like you(which she lovvvved me, she sleeps on your lap) so cute!
Then there's mii-chan, that's my grandmothers cat. She is like worlds prettiest and softest cat. She feels like silk. I had to do a photo shoot with her squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Then there's my cousin who has a zoo going on in her house. She has 3 cats I'm her house, but she also feeds all sorts of weird things on her front porch. She said she sometimes gets raccoon dogs aka tanuki that come eat cat food... I told her to stop but she likes it. Weirdo!

Kiyaaaaa! Neko overload!!!!

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