Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Japan bouldering

Holler!!! I got a chance to go bouldering this weekend in Japan! Woot whoot! The place that I went to is in Shikoku kochi. The place is called hinomiko. There are a few places in this area but I think we were in the more main area. I snagged a pic of the map from a guide book that my homie from the gym Makoto had. There are about 200 problems here, we played on 5 or 6 problems. We tried this v3 traverse(dyno for me) problem. This crimpy v3, this other I don't know what grade and this hand breaking crack problem and of course this crazy hard v7 that was kurayji!!! I think the rock is limestone so it was super slippery and polished so no good feet :( but I had a fun fun day bouldering! It's like a 30 minute drive from my uncles place, maybe 10 minute drive from my grandmothers place. The river here is crystal clear. I want to go fishing here next time!

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