Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Culture time!

Since Japan is pottery headquarters, it's my duty to check out some of the amazing pottery going down! I need some inspiration to figure out what I want to do next. It's a little hard to get inspired here since they are very committed to keeping the traditional ceramic culture in Japan. But! I did find machida San, his stuff was really fun! He makes these bird shapes that are also whistles!!! And there was this super mini one!!! So cute! How does he make one that small?? And they all work! But not only does he make each one by hand, he also does this long glazing method and each bird has its own design! I am instant fan! He also made this commemorative one for the Hiroshima bombing, that one has a clock of when the bomb was dropped... Dark...

I also was able to check out Japanese dads workspace in the middle of the mountain. Hopefully this will give me some ideas to play around with when I get back home. Ohhhh I heard Obama won! Omedetou !!!

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