Friday, April 4, 2014

Back home!

I finally made it to kochi! Whoot whoot! The last 4 days I think I slept a total of 12 hours. I powered my way through Tokyo and now I get to do some r&r. 
I'm home!

Got myself a snazzy bike for some sight seeing and to get my growing sideways belly from a to b

Headed straight to the bakery to find my new obsession. And I found it!

Mochi mochi kinako pan (mochi soy powder bread) Nom Nom!
It was raining today so might as well just go eat some more!

Let's start with some smoked bonito fish with shiso
Then a beer and some fruit tomato. This tomato is some hybrid they make here that really sweet and not acidy like most tomatoes. This gets a thumbs up 
Then to the good stuff! Katsuo tataki! Seared to perfection and just a bit of salt on top. Grab some garlic slices and consume
saba sushi! yessssss
gyu sushi! yessssssss
flounder with uni! yessssssssss
and ice cream! yeah, bitches!!!

oy too much food back home and lets have some bourbon

ok, im off to naoshima tomorrow. adventure to art island awaits

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