Thursday, April 17, 2014

More food!

All day, everyday. Eat eat eat!!!! I'm getting slow all around with this blogging thing, to much to do and so little time 

Here are some fun foods from my traveling days

Some more of Shinos mamas home cooking. So good
We had a belated birthday party for takeda dad. I think he was happy

Back home at the market, I got my own tomato brand! Whoot!
Some baller ketchup! $8 a jar!

Some food samplings. Tofu burger, chicken stew, okra with bonito, vinegar pickled spring veggies and a bucket of rice with miso soup

Local sea food goodies. Salt boiled snails

Nyc clans sayonara party feast

Kochi red cow? 高知赤牛
That's what it translates to. Curry rice and tofu pumpkin and steamed watercress. Mmmm
$5 mangos! So crazy
Poppin' champagne! Grilled yellowtail, bamboo shoots with miso Yuzu sesame paste. Fiddlehead with eggs, sautéed spring veggies, and some itadori

So I kindda realized I have no dessert pics. I guess I get too excited and I forget. Well my one pack will prove all that I have consumed 

Almost time to go home :( I'll post a super blog of culture time next  

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