Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The long road traveled

I finally made it to Tokyo! No delays, no big issues. I guess my only issue was the newly retired old man that talked to me the whole plane ride! I guess since he told me his WHOLE story, I'll tell you too. He went on a 11 day cruise it was a tour with 15 people and a guide. They flew into New York and then headed town to Miami then Jamaica  then Mexico and I think he said somewhere else. He showed me all his photos but doesn't remember any of the spots he took the photos at. Wtf?! I guess when he was in Jamaica he saw some 'hip hop' dancing and he said he was really down with it and now he wants to be a Jamaican hip hop dancer.... Then he told me about what he did for work and then how his parents died... This flight was torture! I ran off the plane 

Well I made it to my Tokyo airbnb in koenji. I read online that this neighborhood has a great live music scene, but I won't be here long enough to check it out. The room I got is super small and I think it might be a closet...
Worlds smallest room 
My block!

So I had some lunch by myself today. I had the beef bibimbap lunch for $4.50 the egg was some ooey gooey goodness
All done!

Then off to shibuya to meet up with takeda. We did the 'shibuya meet up' infront of hachiko statue
Found you

Shibuya was too crazy for us so we ended up going to the japanese folk art museum (mingeikan) it was a good choice! Lots of edo period ceramics and a big lot of pieces from Kyushu and Asia. So we weren't really allowed to take photos, but I found this amazing urushi box and I went snap happy. 
So good!

And then I found this portrait

I hope whoever draws my portrait will give me crazy eyes like this lady. Isn't she pretty!

Then we found this shop with some awesome nerikomi pieces! 

I was so happy! I found out this artist lives in Kumamoto, and I'm going there in a few days, I am on stalker mission mode! 

Ok I have to go meet Taka and Hiro for some more eating now. So sleepy, but need food! 

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