Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ok so I haven't posted all the awesome food stuffs I've been stuffing my face in so here we go!

Yum, bread!!
Now you have to chop it up into lady geisha pieces so it's easy to eat 
Some tako yaki 
And tenmusu. Little deep fried shrimp goodness cocooned in a bed all it's own. Awwww
Some Imo mochi ohagi. And some kusa mochi. Fat sweat 
Japanese dinner! Fried ahi fish with onions and cucumbers, chit ashi rice with mountain veggies. Itadome with tofu and grilled hokke fish sticks. Mmmmm
Forgot the bamboo shoots!
Setoka orange on the left funny looking orange on the right. Funny looking wins the taste test
The ugly one tastes better!

Saba sushi, salad straight from the garden, pickles and some seaweed/crab with homemade Yuzu miso

It's bamboo season! What what!

At my grandmama house some more deliciousness!

Yo! Check out this foam! That's some skills right there! More katsuo tataki 
That's how it's done folks. Char!!! Burn baby! 
No one get mad at me. But this is what whale looks like. So it tastes like... Nothing. Seriously it has no taste. I'm in whale land so I had to eat it(my cousin made me do it!!)
Ok. So this is the most most delicious tomato on the planet! Behold the beauty and wonderful shape of this fine looking tomato. Yeah my hands are jacked up from climbing, but just look at that beautiful tomato!!!
This is that awesome chestnut shochu I have been raving about. Why can't we get this in the states??!!

Mi chan and I are having a blast

Isn't she so pretty!!!!!!

Ok I'm off to Fukuoka to eat some hakata ramen and some basashi. If you don't know what it is then go google it 

Chu chu

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