Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Host boys

So I met up with my japanese host boys (old studio members) they were so spiffy! Wearing their swanky business suits and all
Hiro and Taka kun
I first met up with Taka, who got is lost for a good 20 minutes looking for this Oden spot. We walked through nihon dori maybe 3 times... Might as well Hanami while were here!

And finally we found some delicious Oden and yakitori tonight 
The white block is hanpen best part of Oden. Also top right daikon was bomb! 
And some delicious chicken skin. Crispy and wonderful

And to top it off ebisu beer on draft
Check out the foam on that delicious beer! And you order a beer, you get a free block of tofu! What what!

A little jet lagged, but it was so good seeing my host boys. Hopefully on my way back we'll have lunch together before I head home. 

Tomorrow I'm off to kochi city! Can't wait to see my uncle. Flight is at 11am, be one hour early, one hour to get there. So tired from this trip already. Let me get to bed before I miss this flight 

Katsuo tataki! Here I come!
Ps I forgot to mention the uber drunk guy on the train ride home
Look at that skill of being so wasted! Only fell twice

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