Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Island naoshima

 I went on a island hopping adventure! 

So there were no photos allowed at any of the places. But I am risa sama and I'll sneak a photo if I want! (Or when I can!)
I'm on a boat!

Yayoi pumpkin greets us as we dock onto the island
I had to bike up this steep ass hill but this was what I was greeted with! Worth it!

So first stop the chichu art museum 
There's the Claude Monet room with four of his works, but the room that they made him have these amazing floors that are hand cut dice. I can't tell what was better. The painting the room itself or the floors. Integration yo! 
Obligatory selfie
This place was really inspiring. I always liked the minimal design concept but it never seemed plausible, I guess trying to achieve it in your actual life is really hard since no one ever lives in a glass house. But the grand scale of all this made me feel kindda warm and fuzzy inside. Ando did a really great job 

Next stop the lee ufan museum. 
Nature meets human touch

I might get in trouble for this photo. but this painting was one of my favorites. I have a bunch more in my camera :X I'll only post this one. 

Next stop, the benesse art museum 
Ocean views errywhere!

More ando great space use!

As you bike along the road yayoi kusamas pieces are plopped around the island. I really like this one. One side is smooth and clean but the back side has been battered and withered by the ocean. I liked back side better
Best of both!

Those were the three main museums, then there's the art house restoration project and the ando museum. The art house restoration project is where they are taking old japanese houses and restoring them to their greatness and adding some well known artists work and incorporating it into the house. So far there are 6 houses that they have done. I only got to check out one of them since I was getting tired and it was starting to rain. The ando house was also really nice to check out since it was a timeline of his projects that's he's worked on and a place dedicated to what his intentions are. Is my English getting much bad?! I think so...

 I sea pumpkin! Ha ha ha!! Get it!?

I'm super exhausted. I'll have some more fun adventure stuff next time!

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