Thursday, October 21, 2010

cam' on vietnam!

so today is my last day here in vietnam. i had so much fun, i couldnt have asked for anything more! i did everything i possibly wanted and then some mmmm hmmmn!

today we have snail!
just like everywhere i go i got me a new international bf! hes my animal catcher helper. right in front of mai's house theres a wall with the name of the building and for some strange reason every night we walk back home theres like tons of gecko's hanging out. like i really want to catch one and every day was a challenge for me to catch one. these gecko's are no joke fast, and they move just like a snake, they are vertical snakes with feet.

so my darling to the right would laugh at me every day on my gecko catching challenge. after the 3rd day he finally helped me catch one. smoochies darling!

i like corn
other sneaky ways of catching geckos are luring them with corn on the cobb treats.

i finished everything on my vietnam TDL, so what better way to end my trip than a cooking lesson on traditional vietnamese cuisine! mai is attending the local pottery studio here in vietnam, which also has a cooking studio on the second floor
OMG i can work here!

the traditional vietnamese pottery is called an'nan. the clay shes using is batchan ceramics. check it out here

these are some of mai's recent works, i am very impressed! when she was coming to my studio i would always see her paint things and wonder if she learned from a 5 year old. her stuff is sweet, it has a tradional style with a vibe all her own. i guess she is princess mai!

still looking good!

still looks good! maybe when she visits new york, ill have her give me a lesson. lets see if i have patience for this.. i highly doubt it. ooooh snap new challenge!

i should steal all her stuff and throw it on some online shop and market it as tradional vietnamese wares, origin unknown... cha ching $$

so lets get to the cooking yeah? 

ready to iron chef?
this was our wonderful teacher, her name was also mai. it was probably something way harder but they dumbed it down for us because were so japanese. so this is todays menu! lotus stem salad with coconut pork and tiger shrimp (yummo!!!) next was a seafood fried rice (more yummo!!!)  and last was a mango smoothie!!! (can substitute with mang cau !!!!)

mashing peanuts. la la la
cooking class was mega bomb.


i will miss bahn mi lady, and pho lady. and questionable meat on a stick lady. i did all the tourist spots. i tried to find mega fish, but failed. i saw some night walking ladies and fell in love with mang cau and che! i found new pets and BF's and went on multiple adventures!

thank you vietnam and to the best host in the world mai!!!!!! i will be your adventure side kick anyday!

my office mate while i blog
ok i have to get on a plane now. next stop tokyo!!!!!! adventures continue! ill see you guys soon! ciao

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