Sunday, October 17, 2010

xin chao!~

so after my treacherous 23 hour journey, i have finally made it to ho chi minh city! high five to me :)

OG pho!
its like i imagined though, hot and humid and the air is kindda gross and theres actually more bikes than i originally thought... so my first day here i did the whole eat pho for breakfast thing, but hostess mai took me to a fancy restaurant pho spot! who does that?! i was thinking i will be on a mini stool in the middle of the street sitting at a mini table and eating pho from a grimey chipped up bowl, cant complain though it was bomb. tomorrow is a new challenge!

also while im out here and on my vietnam to do list (tdl) is make myself a fabulous dress, the original concept was sparkles, lots of *sparkles*! but i made the executive decision of going for something a little different. we first went to cho an dong in district 5, mega skeevy! the taxi ride there was a challenge itself! ill get to this part a little later, but i went to this place first to look for shino rabbits wedding dress applique i was thinking something sweet and elegant like this one, but all they had was outdated early 90's style feather boa's and some crappy cheap-y appliques

more crap
sorry shino-chan! i tried, maybe we should go to france and look for some?

so that was todays part challenge, next was to look for something for myself. i think i narrowed it down and decided i will make 3 things while im out here, 1st my fantabulous dress, 2nd a blazer jacket (a closet staple) and 3rd my skanky, i would not normally get mini skirt ( ill GTL till i have the gams to pull it off !! ) these are the 2 different fabrics i choose for my dress and skirt. i think they are bomb, ill see what happens with this... 

right by the fabric hot spot was i guess the local market. they has mangosteen, rambuttan, lychee and dragon fruit, i haven't had them in a while so we picked some up. there was this weird cauliflower type fruit called mang cau, they describe it as a custard type fruit (OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!) tomorrows pho slash fruit breakfast will be exciting!!
for diner, we went to mushroom hot pot spot (oooh that rhymed!) called ashima (like the climber girl!) oooh snap! its like someone telling me to get my ass climbing 

 i wasnt too sure when they said mushroom hot pot, who gets full off of mushrooms? but anywho it was bomb! the funny part of this whole diner is the ordering. mai and daisuke didnt bother to learn the language so they speak to the waitress in japanese like she knows what their saying. i like how they point at the menu and just say hai... hai hai hai! i also like how the waitress recommends something on the menu and when we say we want that shes like oooh sorry we no have... ???  

i also like how when you order the half chicken, literally half of the chicken comes... face and all! bon appetit!
im just sleeping!

so fabric hunting, fruit gazing, bomb diner, roof top bar to top off the night. i think thats a good start to my asia tour! time for bed now! tomorrow is a new day <3

lets climb!


  1. mad hot soup action! that sumo wrestler doesnt even look real

  2. Thanks for looking my wedding things!!
    Love you~~~~~