Sunday, October 24, 2010


so its a rainy day here in kochi, so its giving me some downtime to actually write a little bit more. yesterdays post probably made no sense, its not easy trying to come up with clever stuff after a beer drinking marathon (plus i dont like beer, but i guess its not as heavy out here)

so i didnt really write too much about the studio i was going to. its in uchiharuno, aki prefecture. its about an hour away from where im staying now, but when i was going out there i stayed at my cousins place, which is like a 20 minute bus ride, and then a 15 minute bike ride. did i mention this studio is in the mountain? that bike ride every day gave me super strong legs!

i guess my teacher does a lot of mosaic type stuff. im not crazy into it but it was a good experience.

all glass
the cool part was that right next to the pottery studio, there was a glass making studio! i went there a few times to try it but i dont think im very good at it.

the guy that teaches is super sweet! and hes young! ohhh and my BF! lol

he makes these tombo-dama (glass beads) but these things are super elaborate. check out the jelly fish in this one! ohh no. here i go with the exclamation points again....

jelly fish tombo-dama is soooooo coool!

still glass

i think this one is also kindda cool. momiji leaf all glass.

i like that name momiji, i met a little girl named that. kawaii.

ive been kindda obsessed with the man hole covers here. i guess in every town its a little different. this is that clock tower. i asked my uncle why is there a clock tower in the middle of a huge rice field, and he told me the farmers need to know what time it is so they built that clock tower...

i thought farmers look at where the sun is in the sky and just ballpark it. like hmmmmn it looks like 4:25~4:27 in the afternoon. no props

leave me alone
this is my today cat. tomorrow ill have another cat. and another and another.

theres a lot of these stray cats, right next to my uncles house, a cat family has made their home under the car. i see them everyday, and ive been trying to use my magic to befriend them.

this is japan challenge #7- make cat family like me!

gree crub!

so yesterday my moms friend took me to a "concert" it was like asian glee club. this was very weird. im in a concert hall filled with old folk listening to old japanese songs ive never heard of. i was so ready to pass out, but i made a grand effort and stayed awake.

i would look around every now and then just so i wouldnt sleep. and all i see is old people sleeping all around me....

just one drink

so after concert, comes the drinking! yippie!

this is my extended family. my uncle, koji, and yuji. the two boys are on koji's side( black tshirt) and yuji has 2 girls.

i have been terrorizing the boys since they were born, so yes i am scaring people for life all around the world!

their drinking style scares me.... cup is half empty, always

kazuya is the little one. thats grandpa in the back. i remember comming to japan when i was little and he would always pick me up <3

now i do the same to kazuya, except i try to give him kissies but always squeals and runs away.

isnt cherry kawaii? hot dog

that was my yesterday, a little more in depth.

i think ill have some good stuff next post. till next time kids, eat your veggies


  1. nice ending shot with some cat butthole

  2. yo remember my hotdog? remember that time i brought it over and hisa and mimi neko was hiding? AHAHAHA

    tell ojisan herro~!

  3. YOOOOO~! My kendo sensei is from Kochi! A lot of strong kendo players come from Kochi. You are on my dream vacation right now.

  4. jordan, you kendo? kendo men are way hawt! something about a man in a hakama is mmm mmm!

    next time you come yeah?!