Tuesday, October 19, 2010


yesterday for diner i went brave and tried the crabs. mai and her darling were telling me stories of how they got food poisoning from oysters they ate while they were out here, scary stuff! i dont want to spend my precious vietnam time pasted to the toilet... ewwww

so this is the meal, fried soft shell crabs, some goopy crab meat soup with eggs, my now diet staple mang cau drink, and a noodle dish that took to long to wait around and take photos of

all done!

so they leave the little guys out by the window, i dont know if it was choose your own crab to eat, but mai was telling me how the crabs are really soft and told me to touch one. check out hommie in the front getting all mad im in his space. chill out yo! i dont want to eat you! just your friends

leave my eyeballs alone!

so mai tells me, to cook these guys, you first have to scissor their eyeballs out, throw them in some egg batter and then just throw them in...

scissors to the eyes is not the way to go

climb me!

ohhhh i also checked out the climbing gym here in vietnam http://www.xrockclimbing.com/

your joking right....

it was like a handball wall with cheesy hand holds. i cant even describe this, it was pathetic. im really drinking too many che and fried foods, i need to exercise! later i am going to *gasp* yoga with mai. good stuff she got her teaching license while in NY <3 free lesson! warrior! 


  1. I. Love. Soft shell crab. I'd go all Dexter on there eyes fo' sho! I need to go to Nam and eat everything...

  2. Btdubs, how good are you with denim. Got a little project brewing and want to pick your brain. Also, I need to play with mud, I have to think about going to your studio...

  3. that crab shot was prefect for your story/caption. He literally looks like he's saying "whatsup patnah?!"