Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloweeen!

so i kindda promised food in the beginning and got side tracked with all my cool farming things, my bad! ready. set. go!

ohhh by the way! happy halloweeeeeeen everyone!

witches like ice cream too!

negi toro don
day 1 (lunch): negi-toro don! this is like fatty tuna mashed with scallions wasabi and soy sauce.

its like a ginormous tuna sushi, in a bowl.

so bomb!

katsuo tataki

seared bonito fish, topped with sliced onion and garlic and scallions. pour ponzu on top! consume~

also BOMB! a hometown favorite!
bonito is kindda famous out here. this is sooo worth coming back for <3

this is lunch in full view. no one want to see salad, do they?


all done! gochisousama!

day 1: (diner)
wafu hamburger, with pasta

this was my sort of american food dish that i ate while i was here. this is the one and only time though. but of course, MEGA bomb!


all done! gochisousama!

day 2: (ladies lunch!) i am after all, a lady~

fried fish, rice, miso soup, pickles, stuffed tofu with veggies, and shredded cabbage


all done!

day 2: (diner) so too much eatting, going for something a little more healthy? idk everything ive been eating is healthy, but i am feeling tubby.

kochi favorite

grilled hokke, curry hyotan pumpkin i scored the other day, garden spinach with sesame and bonito flakes, and home made pickles


snack: this is the super ossimo pear that i love love loveeeeee! nitaka nashi! way more bomb than housui nashi (taka!!!!)

this is a nigata and kochi nashi hybrid = nitaka nashi

so much sweeter, bigger and better!

this sticker equals oishiiiiii!

this sticker also equals oishiiiiiii!

this is probably the only fruit i will take my time to peel and slice and make it all nice looking before i eat it. its that good yo!

look at how wonderful this is! its heaven on a plate! please dig in

oooh just looking at this makes my mouth water

day 3: (lunch) summertime favorite. soumen, with grated Kabosu (so bomb!) sesame coated pumpkin croquette, and yasai itame with bacon

i know its not summer anymore but i always have this when i go back. no matter the season or the weather!

have a nice day!

this is my japanese dad. doesnt this picture look like he belongs in one of those "those welcome to japan!" visitor guide books?

i think its funny, because all he says to me in english is "have a nice day!" and "this is a pen!"

he tells me back then when he was learning english, it was always this is a ____ (fill in the blank) and it was always "jack" and "betty" going on adventures

this is soumen!!!!!

la la la~~

snack 2: this is totoro bread! omg this is so kawaiii!!!!

this makes me smile

ok gotta go eat some mos burger! see you all later with some more food!

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