Wednesday, October 20, 2010


so yesterday was our adventure day! we took a two hour drive to my~ tho to check out the mekong delta. i was a tourist.

it was a bright and early day for us! we started the day off by getting bahn mi's at 7:30 in the morning....
who wakes up at these ungodly hours?

bahn mi lady might be the chosen one, that sandwich was bomb! it was a little different from the one they have state sides, its not as meat packed and they use a different patte. my bigger is better mentality was like maybe i should ask her to make me a super bahn mi... double bread, double meat....

i was very ambitious this morning, i was ready to conquer everything!!!!

so two hour drive into the country side is a fun adventure in itself. mai nicknamed me prairie dog watch patrol! every little thing im sticking my face to the window looking around, doing double takes left and right. im a busy busy person you know.

well since the car to bike ratio here is 10:1 (i believe a little more 30:1) you see some interesting things. think if you had to move boxes from point A to B with no car... you have to do good with what you have!

this guy is a brave soul!

just taking a drive
you also see a lot of things you dont want to see, but since everything is out in the open, you have no choice

if you cant tell from the photo, those are ducks :(

i try to tell myself that they are going to go to the zoo or they have been rehabilitated and are being released back into the wild....

good luck ducks!

so two hours later and we are now at the mekong river! its like a muddy east river. uggh i hate how i associate things with new york, vietnam is just like new york! just more bikes and asian food! its obviously way cooler than a muddy new york! its the motherf*king mekong river! fist pump!

have a coconut

super excited! so we get on our boat to take us on a ferry ride. they gave us our coconut water (i still like vita coco best) and were off!


this is my i dont have a care in the world photo

where is 6th ave?

giant carp is somewhere in here...

so 20 minute boat ride and we get off to walk around some mega made for tourists places. first was this coconut candy making place. boring!!! ooooh but maybe not! you know how i love to pick random cats up off the street? i do the same everywhere i goes!

mekong neko!!!!!!!!
omg! this neko was so kawaii!!!!! looks like mimi neko!!!! ok time for some animal planet!
birthday pony!
running away chicken
my pet geko

everywhere i go my pet collection grows! mai is all like eww how can you touch that! and im all like how can i not! i never touched a geko in my life, i dont see many opportunities back home.

ok i think thats all for today 

konichiwa from vietnam


  1. hi!!! this is mimi sama!!! ;D

    i'm checking it out while taking a break at work!

    what are you doing in asia? i am jealous...

    p.s. that neko does look like mimi neko


    ~mimi cha(n)

  2. yo that mimi doppelganger looks like it rubbed your face for hours in that pic! Someones getting back with a killer tan. PS, lie to me and tell me you saw a) giant catfish b) humongous anaconda or c) some radiocatively big animal in that river.

  3. Neko chan kawaiiiiiii
    vietnam neko mo ny neko to niterune~~~~~