Sunday, October 31, 2010


hi hi! so i went on my 2010 walk about (yes! lost still lives on!)
so its been a fun week there was lots to do, lots to eat! lets get to the food yeah?!
is this the way to rumney?
bamboo forests are kindda cool! you can hear the bamboo trees knocking in the wind and it makes that hollow clanking sound. it was way peaceful. i am mega zen now so like if you need advice and stuff, im the one to ask.

so like the title says, i farmed! this is potatoes!

i can officially say i am a super potato expert. to make good potatoes you need to bring the soil to the branch of the plant to get super delicious potatoes, so here we are digging the around and bringing the soil up. its true... farming aint easy!

i helped

when you live in a sort of middle of no where, you have no where to go and sleep at a normal hour and wake up super early. we started at around 8:45 in the morning till around 10. cant be doing stuff like this in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak right?

so after my hard work, i give myself the green peace. A++ in digging

so off to our next plant! i see this plant in almost everyones farm area. 

i know what it is but can you guess?

digging for gold

here i go digging again. so you have to dig a little bit to get to the prize.

this was my best farming experience.

just peeking through

motherf*cking ginger yo!
yup! ginger !!! this area seems to be super famous for their ginger roots. so everywhere you go you see the top plant, rows and rows of ginger leaves.

so it seems that they dont really use the leaf part of the plant for cooking or anything, but they tell me they dry it and use it for bedding the soil in the winter so it wont freeze.

japanese people so Eco!

come join me for diner!

so this is our total score of the day. one super ginger root, 4 mini green peppers, 3 pieces of okra (season is over for okra) and 6 stems of green beans (also season over) and 2 Hyotan pumpkin.

ohhh snap i just taught myself how to use the link button! another A++ for me!

sadako's house

so they tell me that ginger is a super smart plant to grow if your a farmer. you grow it 6 months out of the year, and you can dig a hole in the mountain and store it, and it wont go bad.

i see little caves in the side of mountains (look bottom right) its like the lost cave no?!?!?

black sesame in a box

so i found this weird drink at the convenience store. its a black sesame drink. ive have sesame tofu before so i figured this cant be that bad.

i know sesame has like mega calories in it but if you see on the left it says cholesterol ZERO! 

my final verdict. it was not bad, a little thick and creamy, but tasted like sesame. 

will i drink this again? i dont think so, this is like you drink it once, ooooooh ok so this is how it tastes 

the end

next challenge!
so i think i found a super ossimo rock face to climb! cant go to the mountains and not look for stuff like this! any takers? japan from the top of a mountain sounds good no? ill bring the onigiri!

ugggh eating too much drinking too much! i miss climbing, can anyone give me a belay?

i name this typoon #14

speaking of rock climbing, anyone down for some typhoon bouldering? 

there was a typhoon that was terrorizing japan, typhoon #14

what better way to celebrate than going to the ocean and watching it get all mad! whoop whoop!

climb me!

japan without someone adventurous is kindda lame. but i guess too many reckless people might be NG.

so i climbed the boulder on top (V0-)
sent it!~!

i went with my moms friend who almost had a heart attack, told me to get down. booooooo!

i need my adventure buddy. 

find 5
but this place is a super famous beach called katsurahama. its cool because the beach is made out of pebbles, its like a river, but its an ocean

they say that the beach here is made up of 5 different kinds of stones. red, blue, green, white, and purple. i think thats cool

the view from here, is so nice! from the atlantic to the pacific. ocean to ocean~

im told on a clear day, you can see kochi tip to tip. i hear the moon also come out from the ocean in the summer! i want to see that too!

uggggh i ate too much today again. i know i promised food, but i think its time for me to go to bed to get ready to eat again tomorrow. 

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  1. Getting back into some seriouse blogging rhythm! Pics look dope!