Saturday, October 23, 2010

home sweet home

diner time!
i heart japan!!!!! drinking here starts at nine ends whenever the looser passes out. im pleased to say that i havent been the first yet! whoop whoop! so why i heart japan? ummm hello!!!! flavors you never seen! the one on the left is some sort of winter special promotion blah blah and the dark wanna be guiness beer, way more oooshim!

and my mild sevens

ride me!

ummm why do japanese ppl love ferris wheels so much? i saw two on my way to the next airport!

im tellling you, ive seen one in yokohama, kobe, osaka, here in kochi....

whats the deal!

strange folk

eat. your. ramen!

this is my uncle! hes my most favorite person in all of japan!
we had ramen lunch when i got into town! i heart ramen and gyoza! i miss the days when ramen is like five bucks pp.

yeah miso ramen was bomb!!! be jelly!

two ramen's, one yaki-onigiri, one gyoza, 15 bucks. someone do the math and tell ny that they are doing something wrong!

ippudo is so last year!

did i mention i heart ramen?!?!?!?! i do!

i heart yakitori  on a stick!
i also heart yakitori~!!!!!!!!! ummm 75 cents for yakitori!!!! ill take like 50 pieces pls!

i went to visit the pottery studio i was studying at! im surprised my teacher recognized me instantly! he was like you never age and me of course was like I know! i dont know how too!!!!

today was another busy day!

noboru me!

so this is the nobori gama from my studio. looks like they are going to have a huge party on 11/6 :( too bad i wont be around till then

nobori in japanese means climb, so its a climbing kiln! japanese lesson of the day

my sensei was a little bumed out that i wont be able to make it, but im super happy that he didnt forget me! i can officially say japanese ppl are the worst huggers in the world. my teacher almost slapped my back silly!

ok this post may suck because all i know how to do is excamation point! but im in japan! all i can do is be mega excited for the adventures that come my way.
light my fire?!

this is for leo! if your not big enough to make it in the FDNY japan will welcome you with open arms! this fire truck was way tiny.

so this is from pre-school day festival. 

you like my hat right? makes me look hawt!

entice you with my price

this is my obsession while im out here, sunday weekend flyers. but in japan they have these every day! i like to see what uniqlo can lure me with! its like a game of tug of war. 

whatchu got eh?

wax on! wax off!
T-chan! this is just for you! this was in this weekends news paper! car shining advertisements!!!!! dolphin approved! i say do it and drive fast, but be safe!

do you need anything while im out here? no carbon fiber hoods or anything like that.... vroom vroooooooooooom. 

duck duck duck goose!

ummmmm is it just me, or is something wrong with this engrish?

i think my boss mai will approve! the scenic route... now say that five times fast!

but yeah im searching way for samurai, its like hide and seek. shogun master, i will find you!1qa1qa

noradokei means outdoor clock. this out door clock was mega lame!

eat all of me!
lunch was udon! how can i not have udon in the place that made udon famous. this is like my ode to home town! my uncle had the chirimen jakko don (ummm not too sure how to translate, its like mini fish on a bowl of rice). udon was bomb, so was udon!

pickles were super ossimo as well! i dont want to leave here! someone needs to slap that sense into me and tell me not to stay

my muffin top is starting to look like muffin cake :/ but of course.... still sexy!

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~kaeritai~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    500yen ramen tabetai~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~